Saturday, March 27, 2010

Connecticut State of the Birds 2010

On March 11, 2010, the Connecticut Audubon Society issued its Connecticut State of the Birds Report for 2010. It focuses on important contributions to conservation made by citizen scientists who devote their time and energy to aid professionals in understanding the needs of the natural world. It also highlights the need for the state of Connecticut to change its land acquisition strategies in order to better serve the cause of conservation. There is much more to State of the Birds 2010 that cannot be explained adequately in such a space - take a look:

Click here to read the full Connecticut State of the Birds Report for 2010.

State Senator Edward Meyer (D-12th district), co-chair of the Environmental Committee, incorporated parts of Audubon's recommendations into Bill No. 5417 which concerned open space. These were:

  1. Create a state map of all known protected public and private land.
  2. Analyze the usefulness of these lands for protecting species of conservation concern.
  3. Identify and prioritize lands that need to be acquired to protect habitats of greatest conservation need.
  4. Enable an independent review board to help develop acquisition priorities and to oversee activities and progress.
The bill has cleared the Environmental Committee and now awaits review by the Planning and Zoning Committee. If approved the bill will meet the Appropriations Committee for consideration. We will keep you updated on progress of this significant and vital bill. Thank you Senator Meyer, the Environmental Committee, everyone who contributed to this fantastic report, and last but certainly not least, to all of the wonderful citizen scientists in Connecticut.

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