Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CAS' very own Outdoor Hero: Alex Burdo

As we reported earlier on this blog, Alex Burdo was recently awarded the 2010 L.L. Bean Outdoor Hero Award for his dedication to the Connecticut Audubon Society and to our work to protect Connecticut's birds and their habitats. You can now watch a great interview with Alex on the LL Bean site here or in the video viewer below. I highly recommend that you check it out -- Alex is a remarkable young man!

For those of you who don't know him, Alex has a passion for birds and birding that infected many people around him - including his own grandfather with whom he now travels extensively in search of rare birds. Alex is a citizen scientist in the truest sense of the word, helping the bird banding crew at Birdcraft Museum whenever possible to collect data on Connecticut migrants and he hopes to some day be an ornithologist who works to protect endangered species. Alex's love for birds, nature and life in general is quite touching.

All of this would be plenty impressive in itself but Alex is only 13, making him the youngest recipient of the LL Bean Outdoor Hero Award ever! In addition, Alex manages to practice his hobby and dedicate time and energy to CAS while battling cancer. On behalf of the Connecticut Audubon Society I would like to congratulate Alex again for receiving this well-deserved award and for all that you do for us and for our environment! Read his award write-up, watch his video interview and be inspired...

Alex with his award

Click below to watch Alex's interview, or visit his travel and birding blog here.

Photograph and video courtesy of LL Bean

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