Sunday, September 5, 2010

White-tailed Kite video #5

The White-tailed Kite continued to be seen at Stratford and Milford Points this evening for day number 36. Below is the fifth video I have taken of the White-tailed Kite. It is footage assembled from the last week while hunting at Stratford Point, soaring and interacting with some other birds.

White-tailed Kite 5 from Connecticut Audubon Society.

I'm sure, as always, we will have some more amazing photos soon. A strong cold front should pass through our area Wednesday night. It is just the sort of front that should lead the kite back to its home. However, because of the ongoing tail molt, I do not believe it will leave us quite yet. If the molt takes a while and we continue to have above-normal temperatures (and a lack of cold fronts) we may be able to make a run at having it through October.

Video © Scott Kruitbosch

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