Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!

As we are being blanketed by yet another storm, I wanted to share a few pictures with you from yesterday's snow (which was forecast as essentially a dusting...alas).

The lighthouse on Stratford Point - this picture was taken around noon, but the snow and clouds blocked much of the light.

It is not a surprise that this year we have had no meadowlarks wintering in the site's coastal grassland habitat...
Ring-billed Gulls patiently sitting out the weather

The shoreline was active as ever with hundreds of waterfowl and gulls present in the intertidal zone. You just could barely see them!

This Greater Black-backed Gull is starting to accumulate some snow on its back.

Once the snow cleared, business returned to usual

Snow-topped rocks in the splash zone look out of place!

This is one of the three male Redhead that showed up at Stratford Point yesterday. These are likely the same birds that have been showing up in other areas lately. It appears that we are having a good winter for these pretty ducks!
All photographs (c) Twan Leenders

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