Friday, September 2, 2011

Lark Sparrow - Stratford Point

Twan and I came upon a lone sparrow in the driveway in front of us while walking back from the perimeter of Stratford Point today. I knew it was something odd looking at it naked eye, and when I raised my bins I knew we had a Lark Sparrow. Twan had seen a strange sparrow with the House Sparrows earlier in the morning but hadn't gotten a look at it as he ran to see the Brown Pelican. He took these fantastic photos of the Lark Sparrow.

In between these sightings I had yet another Sooty Tern come down the Housatonic and head west over Stratford Point as fast as it could. Unbelievable! The Lark Sparrow may be the exception to the Irene rule but it is surprising to still see a species like Sooty Tern five days after she made landfall. One would have to guess it was coming to the coast from a far inland area, perhaps another state to our north. And one would guess we are far from done.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

Photos ©  Twan Leenders

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