Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CAS staff helps train future conservationists in Envirothon competition

Bright and early this past Saturday morning, high school students from across Connecticut gathered at the Sacred Heart University campus in Fairfield to participate in the Aquatics Workshop of the Connecticut Envirothon. Several hours filled with talks, presentations and hands-on sessions were offerd by a wide range of environmental professionals to help prepare these students for the the final Envirothon competition on May 24.

Envirothon is a fun natural resource-based education program for high school students, who work and train in teams guided by a teacher/advisor- usually based out of a school's science class or after-school program. Each team prepares for the Envirothon in its own way, but workshops on different aspects of the environment and natural resource issues highlighted in each year's competition are offered on a few days in late winter. Such workshop days not only give students a chance to get valuable hands-on experience to improve their chances at the final competition, but also allow them to interact with people who have made a career in an environmental field. Something that is usually in the back of many Envirothon participant's minds.

Connecticut Audubon Society Conservation Biologist Twan Leenders participated as an instructor for two amphibian workshops on Saturday, together with Greg Watkins-Colwell and Alex Dornburg from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Students learned how to identify Connecticut's native amphibians, studied the special habitat requirements that several species have, learned how to take relevant measurements on amphibians, and generally had a great time. Hopefully, they will all do well in May!


For more information on the Connecticut Envirothon, visit the website:  

Twan Leenders
Conservation Biologist

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