Monday, March 26, 2012

More Blogging From Connecticut Audubon Society

Connecticut Audubon Society now has two great blogs (we say with all modesty): this one and a new one designed to follow our conservation advocacy work and other topics.

If you are a regular reader of or subscriber to this blog, thanks and don't let the new blog drive you away. Scott Kruitbosch, our conservation technician, and Twan Leenders, our conservation biologist, will continue to bring you first-rate reports and analysis of what they find in the field.

But please give our new blog a try as well. Our communications director, Tom Andersen, who has some experience writing about conservation issues and about Long Island Sound, will be writing most of it but we hope to persuade Milan Bull, our senior director of science and conservation, to contribute too.

Click here to read the new blog and, if you like what you see when you get there, click the subscribe link in the right-hand column. We'll do our best to provide good things to read on a regular basis.

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