Monday, September 2, 2013

A Visit to Block Island and a Call for Habitat Management and Restoration

Connecticut Audubon Society continues to support preservation of Plum Island, at the eastern end of Long Island Sound.

Last week, I visited the island with a group of government officials and representatives of other conservation organizations, and I've written about it on our Conservation Blog.

The gist of the post is that while there is apparently ample good habitat on the island, there are also numerous areas overrun with invasive plants. Here's an excerpt:

"Connecticut Audubon Society continues to support as much preservation on the island as possible, while recognizing that a large part of the island is already developed and actively used and another large part is dominated by the remains of the fort and the invasive species that have overtaken it.

"In other words, Plum Island is ripe for preservation. But it is also ripe for a major conservation management plan and long-term habitat restoration project."

The blog post is called, "Preserve Plum Island But Don't Forget to Manage and Restore Its Habitat."

You can read it by clicking here. – Tom Andersen, director of communications and community outreach

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