Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain pool at Stratford Point

I have now been working for Connecticut Audubon Society for over four years and conducting waterfowl surveys at Stratford Point since my first day. During that time we would frequently notice how many birds used rain pools that formed in the driveway or occasionally open patches of dirt in upland areas for bathing and drinking. I also observed how many dragonflies would use them for ovipositing (laying their eggs). Last fall it was decided to make it easier for a small rain pool to form near the gate and one was created for these purposes. During rainy June it has filled up quite a bit as you can see below.

I have observed so many bird species using this valuable fresh water supply from Common Grackles and Cedar Waxwings to Willow Flycatchers and Tree Swallows. Many of them enjoy a bath or a drink, and some even take some of the wet sand and soil to use for nesting material. Dragonflies and even damselflies are frequently seen here numbering in the dozens including Spot-winged Gliders, Common Green Darners, Familiar Bluets, Wandering Gliders, Black Saddlebags, Eastern Forktails, and more. Thankfully they help to take care of any mosquito problems easily as well as I have stood around it trying to observe or net dragonflies for record purposes without any biting me even on some of the calm days.

Now that we are into this extremely hot July it is drying's hoping for a cool down and some coastal rain soon.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

Photo by Scott Kruitbosch © Connecticut Audubon Society and not to be reproduced without explicit CAS permission

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