Saturday, July 6, 2013

That rainy June

I think everyone knows that June was filled with far more rain than usual. We had a weekend of the remains of tropical storm Andrea that went over the entire month's usual total in most places. We had a lot of convection firing up during hot and humid weather, especially as a front over us to end the month bringing tropical moisture up the Atlantic coastline. We also had anomalously powerful lows swinging through the area from the west and a lot of shortwaves doing just enough to trigger some rainfall.

In the Bridgeport area Andrea's 4.49 inches of rain far surpassed the usual 3.61 for the month of June. Overall the station had 9.48 inches which is 5.87 inches above average. Even with the rain and some cloudy days the temperature was +1.3°F as positive departures continued. In Hartford the rainfall totals were a little more spaced out among the days of the month. Andrea "only" provided 3.01 inches during her visit. However, more thunderstorms there on some days led to an even higher total at 10.79 inches for June. This is 6.44 inches above normal! There the temperature was also above-average despite the conditions at +1.0°F for the month.

July is off to a hot but dry start and perhaps the story will be staggeringly high temperatures instead of copious amounts of rain.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

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