Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Connecticut Audubon Bird Finder for November 27, 2013: Eurasian Wigeon

Eurasian&AmericanWigeonsEurasian WigeonAnas penelope
Where to find it: Eurasian Wigeons (up to four males) have been visiting Milford in recent weeks, at the Mondo Ponds Nature Preserve and Education Center and Jonathan Law High School pond. Eurasian Wigeon can occur anywhere in Connecticut but are often found with concentrations of American Wigeon and Gadwall. Like any migratory waterfowl, they can depart without notice but often Eurasian Wigeons settle in for a while, as long as there is open water and they have a steady food source. The parking lot at Mondo Ponds is on Naugatuck Avenue; the high school is on Lansdale Avenue. Some winters, a male Eurasian Wigeon or two spend time in the mouth of the Housatonic River, often commuting between the Stratford Point and Short Beach area of Stratford, and the Wheeler Marsh and sandbars at Milford Point. Read the rest of this week's Bird Finder here...

This week's Connecticut Audubon Bird Finder was contributed by Frank Gallo, director of Connecticut Audubon Society's Milford Point Coastal Center.
Photo courtesy of Frank Mantlik
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