Thursday, November 28, 2013

Snowy Owls in Milford and Stratford

Snowy Owls have moved into Connecticut. One has been at our Milford Point Coastal Center and at least one other, and maybe two, has been across the Housatonic in the Sikorsky Airport area.

Here are excerpts from the Connecticut Ornithological Association’s daily compilation of bird sightings in the state:

“11/27/13 - Milford, Milford Point -- 9:00 AM; Snowy Owl out on the tip of Milford Point, visible by looking west from the tower.

11/27/13 - Milford, Milford Point -- 10:00 AM; visible from the Stratford side of the river.

11/27/13 - Milford, Milford Point -- 11:30 AM; one Snowy Owl visible from Knott's Landing in Stratford.
Stratford, Sikorsky airport -- another Snowy Owl.

11/27/13 - Stratford, Long Beach -- 1:00 PM; Snowy Owl.

11/27/13 - Stratford, Sikorsky Airport -- 2:30 PM; Snowy Owl (1) behind airport fence near the spot where the northern wheatear was a few years ago.

11/27/13 - Stratford, Sikorsky Airport -- 2:50 PM; 1 Snowy Owl visible in the large field on the western side of the airport. It was quite far out and could not be seen from the pullover out on the road. It was seen from the pullover within the airport. The eastern side of the airport was checked with no luck.  I checked Milford Point from Sniffen's Lane in Stratford, as well as from Short Beach in Stratford, but could not spot a Snowy from either location.

11/27/13 - Stratford, Sikorsky Airport, Eastern Side -- 3:45 PM; 1 SNOWY OWL on the edge of the tarmack.  We first viewed it from Oak Bluff ave, then closest view was from Lordship Blvd.  Still being seen at 4:15 PM.”

The photo above was taken at Stratford Point two years ago and is copyright Connecticut Audubon Society.

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