Monday, December 13, 2010

CBC 2008

This week is the start of the 2010-2011 Christmas Bird Counts. If you are not already participating in one (or more!) you should sign up as soon as possible. You can find the list of Connecticut count dates here. These counts are a great way to learn more about birds, explore habitats you may not have before, get to know fellow birders, and contribute to science in a very meaningful way. You can read more on the National Audubon website that I linked to above.

On December 28, 2008 I participated in the Stratford-Milford CBC, my local count. I shot the following video over the course of the day.

CBC 2008 from Connecticut Audubon Society.

Species in the video include Great Blue Heron, Glaucous Gull, Greater Yellowlegs, Sanderling, Dunlin, American Pipit, Green-winged Teal, Mallard, and Horned Lark. I also took a lot of photos. You can find one of the group of Sanderling on the beach in front of the waves in the video in the 2008-2009 Christmas Bird Count summary magazine on page 56. If you participate you will be sent one of these magazines several months later - yet another benefit from what is always a fun day.

Video © Scott Kruitbosch

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