Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter is here

We do not have the snow to show for it as of Christmas eve, but winter has arrived. It was quite evident in my own yard on Thursday as I looked out at my bird feeders. I had the honor of picking up the bird below when it flew in with a group of Red-winged Blackbirds...

Yes, a male Rusty Blackbird! Hosting one in my yard is an annual tradition in December and January, though almost always after a snowfall of more than three inches. Obviously that is not the case - yet. If that were not enough, I also added...

...this Fox Sparrow! It was a great way to start the Stratford-Milford CBC count period. With a historic blizzard coming up on Sunday and Monday get ready to see some amazing birds in your yard. Fill your feeders up and be safe at home. Good luck and happy holidays!

Photos © Scott Kruitbosch

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