Friday, December 10, 2010

Mountain Bluebird

Tuesday's second big western rarity was a Mountain Bluebird. This one was discovered by Rollin Tebbetts at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. Rollin is a birder who works at the airport, and therefore has access to areas the public does not. Nick Bonomo received photos from Rollin that he posted on his blog here:

The Mountain Bluebird has been viewable to a limited degree along Perimeter Road, though the public is only allowed to drive down this street due to the fact it runs along the perimeter of the airport - not to park, stop, or get out of their vehicle. The state police typically responds quickly to anyone who does. This has made the bird essentially a lost cause to anyone who wants to chase it. I do not advise going to see it...well, at least until this afternoon and some good news.

Thanks to Rollin and cooperation from the airport as well as the police, viewing will be allowed from Perimeter Road on Saturday morning, December 11, from 8AM until noon. That is your chance to get a look! If you want to see it and be able to do more than simply drive by you have to go then. There is a decent chance others will be located in the northeast in the next month or so. Past sightings of one bird have usually lead to more being found.

And it seems yet another western rarity was revealed today...

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