Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fewer Moose on the Loose

Moose are still active in our 700-acre Richard G. Croft Memorial Preserve, in Goshen, but our conservation biologist, Twan Leenders, confirms what the Connecticut DEEP is saying -- that there seem to be fewer around than in previous years.

"There has been less moose activity in our Croft preserve this past year," Twan wrote in an email, "but they are still there. I saw fresh tracks when I was there last -- just before the holidays."

The Hartford Courant reported that statewide there were a lot fewer moose sightings in 2011 than in 2010:

Andy Labonte, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said moose sightings from 2010 to 2011 dropped by more than half – from 201 to 61. "It's been a quiet year for moose in Connecticut," said LaBonte, a scientist with DEEP's deer and moose program. "Moose prefer colder climates and it just hasn't been that cold."

It's estimated that about 100 moose live in Connecticut, mostly in the northwest corner.

You can read the Courant report here. As for the Croft Preserve, it's an amazing place -- a true wilderness in the middle of thousands of acres of other preserved land -- and well worth a visit, although trails are minimal. Directions to it and all 19 of our sanctuaries are here.

Tom Andersen
Director of Communications and Community Outreach

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