Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Strange Thing Going on in Cheshire

We get bird questions emailed to us year-round. Some we can answer easily; others are more baffling. Here’s the first question of 2012. I’ll be passing it along to our experts but if anyone in the greater Connecticut birding world has an answer, please let us know:
Thank you for taking the time to read this: 
I asked UCONN [to] recommend who to contact about a strange thing going on in Cheshire CT.  They suggested I contact you about this strange problem.
Our birds have disappeared.  Any bird smaller than a Large Blackbird have all left.
At first I thought it was only occurring at my feeder … however a local Vet. called me last week and asked if I had noticed anything different about the birds at my feeders. He also has not seen a single bird for a few weeks.

Also noted was that we both observed a significant decrease in Goldfinches. The previous year I would have 40 or more at my feeders at any given time. This year the most I had was 4!

It is eerie to go outside and not hear a single chirp. There is something very wrong going on and I wish to find some answers.

Can you shed some light on this problem?
Unfortunately, I can’t. I’ve got bluebirds and Carolina wrens singing in my yard. But maybe there’s something unusual in Cheshire. Any thoughts? -- Tom Andersen

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