Friday, August 20, 2010

White-tailed Kite Day 20

The White-tailed Kite has altered its schedule a bit lately, spending more time at Stratford Point in the morning and less in the evening. This is likely because it is able to be there without too many people around, if any. It is becoming well versed in our schedules and habits. While I do not think anyone bothers it, and certainly not in the evening, it would be silly to ignore the discernible pattern that has emerged. It is a highly-intelligent raptor. It knows how to avoid the crowd by this point of its stay. At least we can all be happy it is still here, eating plenty, and offering some good views at times.

Here is an amazing shot of the kite's eyes from David Speiser:

In my last video I showed the kite scratching itself, and Lou Spero got a shot of it:

Big thanks to them! If you have not come out to see the White-tailed Kite get here while you can. It will likely stick around a bit longer, but you never know. Stratford Point and the Coastal Center at Milford Point will be open this weekend.

Photo 1 © David Speiser, photo 2 © Lou Spero

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