Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tsnuami impact on seabirds

First and foremost, all of our thoughts and prayers are with Japan and its people. The human cost and continuing disaster in the nation is a priority beyond any birds or other environmental damage. As a poli sci guy I have been paying nonstop attention to these horrifying human elements. However, since we are a conservation organization and focus on birds (and not nuclear physics), I wanted to call your attention to the following article on seabirds and the tsunami - you can find it here.

It details the impact the tsunami had on the Midway atoll. It ended up wiping away thousands of Laysan albatross nests, chicks, and adults. There are more of the species at Midway than anywhere else in the world, and unlike some similar species, they are not endangered. It also speaks of a petrel species and how the tsunami may have impacted it. The article includes some striking photos and some very interesting remarks as well. Here is hoping things finally take a turn for the better for the devastated nation of Japan and its people and all of the Pacific region.

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