Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aqua Quest: "Naturalist Challenge II" Coastal Center camp

Dear Campers and Parents,

It's hard to believe that we're already more than half-way through the summer. Nearly 230 kids have already signed up for camp, and with four weeks to go, we're looking forward to seeing many more!

Aqua Quest in action

This year, we have added some new faces to our wonderful staff. Please welcome Samantha Ross, the Coastal Center's new Teacher/Naturalist; Caitlin Holmberg, Teacher/Naturalist from our Fairfield Center; and Caty Fairclough, our college summer intern. We're proud to say that Jane Piselli is now working full-time at Acadia National Park in Maine, so Kevin and Caitlin enjoy running the 5-7 & 7-9 year-old programs. We're blessed that our assistant counselors Amanda, Michael, Laura, Paige, Kim, and Courtney have all returned. They do an incredible job helping in all the classrooms. Diana, our early childhood specialist and long-time staffer, is having a another successful summer introducing our youngest campers to nature. Spaces are still available in most of our younger-kids camps.

Camp Staff:
Front Row: Caty Fairclough, Amanda Geib, Samantha Ross, Kevin McFadden, Courtney Rosa, Jillian McGrew; Back Row: Kim Pritchard, Caitlin Holmberg, Laura Bollert, Paige Schwarz, Michael Flanagan, Diana Robert

What a catch! Huge snapping turtle

Aqua Quest and Audubon Expeditions camps for older campers, always big hits, are all full, or nearly full, so we're opening another Aqua Quest adventure week in August, and we hope your child can join us. (For details, please see below and view this PDF file for more information and photos as well.)

Thank you to all the summer staff and most importantly to you, the campers and parents who support us in all that we do! Come join us for more fun; we look forward to seeing you soon.

Aqua Quest: "Naturalist Challenge II"  August 6-10 — New!
We've added another Aqua Quest session for ages 8-12; it's a fun-filled week of combing our beaches, perusing local ponds, and exploring forests, streams, and meadows in search of local wildlife. We'll team up with our conservation biologists to band birds, catch turtles, tag butterflies, and search for rare species, all in a fun-filled week of science exploration. Spend an exciting afternoon canoeing in our marsh, and there may be a few s'more toasty treats at the end of the week. Join the fun. Special offer: $295.

To register, call Louise at 203-878-7440 x 502 or go online to the Coastal Center's page at www.ctaudubon.org.

So far, the kids have made some wonderful discoveries this year, finding dragonflies and butterflies, frogs and salamanders, and even baby horseshoe crabs. It's been a wonderful summer...

Frank Gallo
Coastal Center Director

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