Friday, October 1, 2010

Stratford BioBlitz 2010

On October 8 and 9 the Yale Peabody Museum's BioBlitz will take place in Stratford for the fifth time in four years. A BioBlitz is a 24-hour effort by scientists, researchers, and experienced volunteers to find every single living thing in a given area - and in this case, the entire town of Stratford. This fifth event will be in the fourth different season as well, providing researchers a glimpse into what can be found at each unique part of the year. The BioBlitz is a joint effort by the Yale Peabody Museum, Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, and the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Dr. Twan Leenders, CAS Conservation Biologist and fellow blog author, and I are the co-captains of the ornithological team. The second the clock hits 3PM on October 8 we will start searching for and counting every species of bird we find, and we will stop promptly at 3PM on October 9. Twan, a herpetologist by training who has been doing research on amphibians for over 20 years, also runs the herp team. We will both be watching for mammals as well.

Teams of scientists will descend on the town for the weekend. The headquarters will be at Stratford Point. A makeshift lab will be set up in the second building for scientists to examine results and complete their work during the 24-hour period. Stratford Point will be open to the public on October 9. Whether you want to see the White-tailed Kite or check out what the busy scientists are up to, it is a great time for a visit.

The events at Stratford Point on Saturday, October 9, apart from hopefully watching the White-tailed Kite, include:
9-10AM: Bird walk
10-11AM.: Butterflies and insects
10AM to 3 PM: Lab open house
3PM: Closing ceremony

Once again, you can check out the Yale Peabody Museum website for past results and a bit more information on the Stratford BioBlitz. You likely will not see Twan or me until after the 24 hours is over, but we would be thrilled to have you at Stratford Point sometime on October 9.
Perhaps we will see you at the closing ceremony!

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