Thursday, May 3, 2012

Leps and birds increasing at Trout Brook Valley

Lepidoptera are now back to being seen across Connecticut in many forms. I found this and more Eastern Tiger Swallowtails at the Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area of the Aspetuck Land Trust during a recent survey.

I actually recorded over a dozen species that day without too much effort. Subsequent surveys have uncovered dozens of migrant and potential breeding bird species as well. This was one bird of a pair of Tree Swallows already on to nesting in the orchard.

During a few hours there today I tallied 59 bird species in only a small section of the massive preserve. I will list off more of some of our cool finds soon, but "Ovenbird city" was the theme of the day as it was the most frequently heard (and seen!) warbler species of the 14 that I was able to find at this early enough date of May 3.

Their ringing song is a classic one, but it was so great to be able to see so many of them as well. The Ovenbird is a species nearly anyone should be able to find in abundance there, let's hope, throughout the spring and summer. I hope the same can be said for the Louisiana Waterthrush and the Worm-eating Warbler, two species I heard only today but would be thrilled to mark down as confirmed breeding birds. All of these discoveries and potential findings do and will have an impact on our management planning and habitat recommendations.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

All photos © Scott Kruitbosch and not to be reproduced without explicit permission

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