Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Name this April migrant answer

So do you have the answer to this quiz yet?

Here is that photo again...

To me, this is an odd look for a bird that never stops moving and flitting about through the trees. To see it perched in a (seemingly) stationary position is strange, but it was actually moving around quite a bit outside of this photo. You cannot see the eye but it has a white eye-ring and a white-edged tail.

Any thoughts now?

Take your guesses because the answer is in the next line!

That is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. We see them migrating both north and south at Stratford Point. 
They are diurnal migrants, moving through most often one at a time during warm days with a nice southerly flow in April, and then sometimes in small groups heading through our trees and out to Long Island Sound in the late summer.

This bird had a few snacks and kept moving, calling away with it's classic wheeze. We are little more than a fast food restaurant for dozens of birds each day.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

All photos © Scott Kruitbosch and not to be reproduced without explicit permission

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