Saturday, April 24, 2010

Milford Point news

Here is some of the latest news at Milford Point from the keyboard of Frank Gallo, Director of the CAS Coastal Center:

Two or three pairs of Tree Swallows visited our swallow nesting boxes today for the first time since they were erected two years ago. Last year, after the nesting season, we moved the boxes to what we hoped were more optimal locations adjacent to the marsh, and it appears that the swallows agree with our choices.

House Sparrows compete for nest cavities with Tree Swallows and Eastern Bluebirds. A pair of House Sparrows also seems interested the swallow boxes, but thus far, the swallows have prevailed. Both members of the swallow pair periodically rest in a small tree adjacent to the nest box; the tree offers unobstructed views of the marsh and the box.

While I was photographing the swallows, one of two Wild Turkeys that frequents the Coastal Center's grounds walked by for a better look on its way to one of our bird feeders.

Look for many more contributions like this one from experts like Frank Gallo and the rest of our talented staff across the state on a regular basis!

Photos © Frank Gallo.

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