Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stratford Point 4/11-4/17

It was a relatively quiet week at Stratford Point. This was mostly due to uncooperative migration weather for passerines, as the night skies were filled with northerly winds or rain instead of millions of birds. However, we were still able to record over 40 species. There was constant movement in the water as the ducks continued to depart. Long-tailed Ducks are becoming scarce, and Red-breasted Mergansers are now uncommon. Various species of shorebirds can be seen here from now through the fall. This group of 4 Black-bellied Plover and 24 Dunlin was spotted hunkered down on the beach on Friday afternoon in anticipation of the incoming storm front.

One fantastic bird we recorded was a Eurasian Wigeon. It was seen first at Milford Point, but spotted at Stratford Point briefly on April 16. It is likely still in the area. Stop by either location to take a look! You may get exceptionally good views if you're lucky enough to snag the bird at Stratford Point. Many species stay very close to shore, and in the case of Eurasian Wigeon, they are often within range of the naked eye. Binoculars and spotting scopes can provide incredible views when they are. This week's Eurasian Wigeon was with some Brant close to shore when seen at Stratford Point. Good luck!

Photos © Scott Kruitbosch.

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