Monday, May 24, 2010

4th Osprey chick hatches at CAS Coastal Center on Milford Point

The following screenshots from our live osprey cam clearly show that the fourth egg (which was thought to be missing in action for a few days) is very much there and has meanwhile hatched into another young Osprey chick. All little ones seem to be doing well!

Many thanks to observant Osprey cam followers Pat M. (top picture) and Sherri Delaney (bottom picture) for sending us these great screen captures!
Intrepid Osprey photographer Kevin Doyle managed to capture the image below of the male Osprey feeding bits of a fish he just brought to the nest to the female. She, in turn, will pass these morsels on to the waiting chicks who seem nearly insatiable at the moment.

Keep an eye on this blog or on the Osprey cam page on our website to stay informed!

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