Friday, May 28, 2010

Northern Shoveler

I spotted the Northern Shoveler seen in the two photos below in the Stratford Great Meadows IBA this morning. The species is found infrequently in Connecticut in the winter months and during migration periods. This male is a very noteworthy individual. May 28 is a much later date than typical sightings, and it could be possible that the species is attempting to breed or breeding in somewhere in Great Meadows Marsh.

The Northern Shoveler is on the right with a Gadwall on the left.

Northern Shoveler in center with Mallard and Mute Swan.

During the survey period for
The Atlas of Breeding Birds, by Louis Bevier, a Northern Shoveler spent a summer in Great Meadows. I am unsure of the exact year at this moment, but it was during the mid 1980s. It was not found to be breeding. This male may simply be doing the same. We will see what we can find out in the near future. If you go by the area please be respectful of this bird and mindful of the fact it may be attempting to breed - along with many other species. Please do not flush it or other birds, or venture too close to the water. This is an important time for the birds, and they need extra space.

Photos © Scott Kruitbosch

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  1. A couple of years back a Shoveler was at Birdcraft paired up with a Mallard - not sure if they bred successfully or not in the end?