Monday, May 17, 2010

Migration forecast 5/17-5/21

As amazing as it may seem the end of the busiest spring migration period is coming up very soon. It seems like only a few days ago I was writing about when to expect the first substantial wave of warblers and other migrants. Here is what the next several days look like:
  • Tonight: With rain approaching from the south/southwest tonight may be tricky for the birds. There is little to no wind, and combined with the date, a fair number of birds will take to the skies before the rain hits. However, since rain is over much of New Jersey and points south, not many more will trickle in. We will likely lose more than we gain. It will be less active tomorrow morning than it has been lately (and likely rainy then, too).
  • Tuesday night: A combination of rain and a northwest wind mean a quiet night and an even quieter Wednesday morning. The birds you do find will have likely stuck around for the past couple days to wait out the weather.
  • Wednesday night: The winds will be shifting back to the west and, combined with clearing skies, we will see moderate to heavy migration. If the storm system can clear fast enough this may be a big night. If not it will be on...
  • Thursday night: With the green light turned on via a southwest flow and high pressure the birds will make one last huge push into Connecticut. This night and Friday night should bring the final substantial wave through the weekend.
While you are waiting out the rain tomorrow, try to figure out what species the bird in the picture below is. I took the photo today in the Stratford Great Meadows Important Bird Area. The only hint I will provide is that the species breeds in Connecticut.

If you want to take a guess or have anything else you would like to comment on/inquire about feel free to email me -

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