Monday, July 12, 2010

Rescued Osprey update - good news!

The Osprey that Twan and I rescued from Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport, that I checked in on here, has been diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder. She went through tests for toxins and x-rays, but it turns out our initial feelings were relatively correct. Twan and I thought she had an injury from initial observations. She was unable fully lift one of her wings to take flight. She definitely seemed healthy enough once she was out of the intense heat and sun. The fact she was even alive a few days later seemed very hopeful for a possible recovery.

She has now been treated and is currently bandaged up and healing. The best news of all is that she should be able to make a full recovery. If she does we plan on releasing her right where we rescued her in the Stratford Great Meadows Important Bird Area. We may be able to band her as well. I would love to see her return to the same nesting location next spring. We will keep everyone up to date on this situation and any dates for her release! I am sure she would enjoy having visitors to see her off.

Speaking of Osprey, below is a photo of the family at Milford Point from our friend Kevin Doyle. He notes that the chicks are now nearly as big as their mother, who is on the right.

Photo © Kevin Doyle

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