Saturday, July 10, 2010

A gourd thank you

While long overdue, I wanted to specifically thank the Connecticut Ornithological Association and individual donors for the generous financial aid they provided the Connecticut Audubon Society in order to purchase new Purple Martin gourd trees. Twan and I have posted about them before, including when we first installed them.

Gourd tree at sunset.

I also highlighted the gourd tree at Stratford Point as the concrete base was literally ripped from the ground during the Bridgeport tornado thunderstorm. We will be digging an even deeper hole and pouring even more concrete sometime soon.

With the Stratford Lighthouse in the background.

We have had Purple Martin scouts checking them out at Stratford Point. The gourd tree at Milford Point was installed next to the currently populated box-style house. I have to think both will be populated next spring.

Under threatening skies.

Thank you to all who contributed! We have many, many, many more wonderful projects to help out the birds at our sanctuaries like this on our minds and always appreciate the aid. I will post about them soon.

Photos 1, 3 © Scott Kruitbosch; photo 2 © Twan Leenders

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