Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowy Owl at Stratford Point

During a waterfowl survey at Stratford Point this morning I came upon a Snowy Owl sitting on the rock revetment wall on the Long Island Sound side, not far from the lighthouse. It was resting out of the strong west wind, away from the maintenance work at the lighthouse and dune construction at Stratford Point. It sat there, barely moving, for over two hours, admired by birders and non-birders alike, only fully waking up and moving around some because of noise from the lighthouse. It flew from rock to rock, perhaps also interested in catching a snack there, too. Here are a bunch of photos and then HD video I took of it.

It was dozing off from time to time

 After it moved closer to the water

 Blends in so well

The HD video! (also available here)

Here are some of Twan's magnificent photos...those eyes and talons!

And a few from Frank Mantlik...

 Relative location to the lighthouse

Check out this timely eBird article on the big fall and soon to be winter Snowy Owls have been having and to learn more about the species!

Stratford Point is an excellent spot for them as it provides an open habitat full of small mammals. This was such a cooperative bird, allowing great looks for everyone who visited while we gave it enough room so as not to stress it out. It may stick around a few days or it may move on tonight - we will have to see tomorrow. If you visit and cannot find it, walk slowly and quietly to the revetment wall surrounding the site. Look along it and out on the breakwater in the mouth of the Housatonic, and check any perches, from trees to poles.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

Video © Scott Kruitbosch; Photos © Scott Kruitbosch, Twan Leenders, and Frank Mantlik


  1. Snowy also spotted on Hoffman Island, just off Staten Island

  2. Lovely! I hope to stop by tomorrow during lunch!

  3. I grew up here, near the lighthouse. We always get snowy owls in winter. This one is a little early.

  4. Awesome photos and video! Thank you!