Monday, November 21, 2011

Embed photos in eBird

The people at eBird have come out with another great feature to tempt you in to using the database while also helping those of us who are already addicted to it. You can now embed photos into your checklists!

"We are excited to report that it is now possible to embed photos within checklists! This not only makes the checklists look more attractive, but also makes it easier for reviewers to review and confirm your rare sightings. These images will be viewable in eBird checklists (accessed via My eBird and point maps), in eBird Alerts online, and will be accessible to eBird reviewers, making their job much easier."

Please check it out in full detail here:

That link provides some very cool examples, guidelines for embedding your photos in your checklists, how to link to them via outside sources, and even how to include a link to sound or video which I hope will be able to be put directly into lists in the near future. This feature is not only useful for those people who verify rare birds on checklists submitted to eBird but to anyone who wants to help remember a day in the field, correlate their photos to their data, or share everything with a friend.

Please keep using eBird as much as possible! Later this week I will provide an example of what one can do quickly and easily with all of the data now being entered on a daily basis.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

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