Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Martins

OK, so it has been a Purple Martin overload lately, but I am excited about the great work being done for them. They would not be able to breed at all without our assistance, so it is crucial we continue to provide more and more of it. The action at Gazebo Phil's started early this year, and below is a screen shot from the night of April 6 - three Purple Martins roosting together to stay warm on a cold spring evening.

Below you see dedicated volunteer Tom Mihaylo and the Coastal Center's Director, Frank Gallo, having readied the Purple Martin gourd trees at the Coastal Center.

A second 12-gourd tree was added this spring. The martins built at least three nests last year and we're hopeful for even greater success this year. Keep your fingers crossed! The Coastal Center staff would again like to thank the New Haven Bird Club for its generous donation of a gourd tree. Connecticut Audubon Society always appreciates and will gladly accept donations of gourds or gourd trees and put them to good use in some of the best habitat in Connecticut.

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