Friday, May 10, 2013

Cape May Warbler at home

I knew today would be a wonderful morning for spring migration with a perfect southerly flow the night before for the first time in 2013 - and it was the best day of the year so far by a long shot actually - but one never knows what they will find at a given location. Before completing a Stratford Point survey and an International Shorebird Survey I woke up very early to hear an uncommon sound at home. With all of the birdsong exploding through my windows at 6AM I knew I would have a lot to pick through today, but I did not expect a Cape May Warbler to be singing away and feeding at the top of my always popular oak tree! This stupendous bird appears to be the first of the species seen in Connecticut in 2013. I have had a few in my hometown of Stratford before in the fall, but I do not recall ever having a spring bird here. This guy, as the species usually does, stayed very high at the top of the tree. I was able to snap off a couple poor but recognizable record photos.

We seem to finally be off and running for spring migration. I'll talk about the delay to the start of this season and more in my next post.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation Technician

Photos by Scott Kruitbosch © Connecticut Audubon Society and not to be reproduced without explicit CAS permission

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